Friday, April 3, 2009

Recent Events

Today, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upheld a lower courts ruling recognizing gay marriage in the state.

Here is Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinley's statement regarding the Iowa Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage:

“The decision made by the Iowa Supreme Court today to allow gay marriage in Iowa is disappointing on many levels. I believe marriage should only be between one man and one woman and I am confident the majority of Iowans want traditional marriage to be legally recognized in this state. Though the court has made their decision, I believe every Iowan should have a voice on this matter and that is why the Iowa Legislature should immediately act to pass a Constitutional Amendment that protects traditional marriage, keeps it as a sacred bond only between one man and one woman and gives every Iowan a chance to have their say through a vote of the people.”

On another note.............

Here is Senator Randy Feenstra (Hull) expressing his disgust over the coupling bill and the Senate's spending practices:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taxpayers Kicked Out of Capitol

Last night's House of Representatives public hearing on possibly eliminating federal deductibility was a great show in solidarity for the Iowa taxpayer. We're estimating that roughly 600 people showed up and apparently things got animated. We're not talking slanderous outbursts, but the occasional applause and some 'boos' were heard after speakers stated their views. Well, it was enough for the House Speaker to get upset, flex his political power muscle and kick everyone out of the House Gallery. After state troopers forced the audience to leave the hearing went on and all scheduled speakers were able to talk.

But c'mon, House Democrats can't handle a little applause from an animated crowd? I'm sure they hear much worse at their political forums - at least that's what we guess from the pile of bad bills they bring up over there. Last night's public hearing wasn't legislative procedure. It was public and open - there's no specific decorum for that so the fact that everyone was unnecessarily kicked out of the House Gallery really stings. I'm sure taxpayers will get their revenge on election day.

Here's what Senator David Johnson had to say about it this morning:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crowd Takes Over Capitol

At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night, a HUGE crowd showed up for the House public hearing on the possible elimination of federal deductibility. It was great. Everyone got these great red shirts that read, "No tax on a tax." Seeing the sea of red in the House gallery was great. Check out the video we shot below. We're hoping all these united voices will make an impact on the Democrats who want to eliminate federal deductibiliy.

Eliminating Federal Deductibility Rolling Through Capitol

This issue is really heating up the Capitol today. Here is audio from Senator Brad Zaun, Senator Randy Feenstra and Senator David Johnson all commenting on the Senate florr how the elimination of federal deductibility will result in a tax on a tax and hurt small businesses in Iowa.

Don't forget: PUBLIC HEARING: Tonight
The Iowa House is holding a public hearing on the bill to repeal federal deductibility in Iowa.
Who, when and where: Anyone wanting to speak out against eliminating federal deductibility meet at 6:30pm at the State Capitol cafeteria. The public hearing on federal deductibility will be from 7:30pm-9:30pm in the House.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Back to the Real Issues

This weekend, the big news was about a certain Senator using a racial slur. It was the big buzz Monday at the Capitol. And all we'll say on the matter is if this was a Republican they would've been burned at the stake. Unfortunatley, this detracted from the real issues facing Iowans: raising taxes and the state budget.

We can already tell you that the state budget will not be seen for at least a few more days. Democrats have posted their number but there is still too much to iron out.

Raising taxes will take center stage tomorrow as the House holds public hearings at 7:30 p.m. on federal deductibility and it's possible elimination. The bill is starting in the House. If nothing else sticks with you today remember this: elemination of federal deductibility results in a tax on a tax.

Hopefully there will be a great turnout and strong opposition to the issue will send a clear message to the House.