Friday, June 12, 2009

Here is the rest of the story

Since the end of session there has been a lot of fluffy political rhetoric coming from the other side of the aisle. Words like reorganization, budgeting responsibly and accountability. Well as the late great Paul Harvey would say ………… And here is the rest of the story.

Over the past three years the Governor and his legislative allies have spent and spent and spent without any thoughts on what tomorrow was going to bring. Well tomorrow has come and there was no plan in place to deal with the problems that the state is now facing. In fact the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency, the bean counters for the legislature, has estimated that Iowa is facing nearly a $1 billion deficit for next year.

Is this being accountable to the taxpayer or budgeting responsibly?

If you look at the last time Republicans were in control of the budget spending was held below the rate of inflation. Over the past three years spending has ballooned out of control and well past the rate of inflation. If the Democrats would have maintained spending levels at typical historical levels there would be no talk of a budget crisis.

Spending at the rate of inflation; now that would have been responsible budgeting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Contradictions Galore

There is a bake sale taking place at the Capitol today and a dessert auction with all proceeds going to the Iowa Food Bank. A worthy cause and decadent sweets and treats abound. There are so many treats, that if you think of the one thing your grandma made for you as a kid, it is probably being sold here today. The contradiction part is that all this baked goodness is on behalf/part of Lt. Governor Patty Judge's challenge: Your Heart is in Your Hands. Judge is challenging Iowans to live healthier lives by exorcising more, eating well and kicking bad habits. She says in an e-mail to all state employees, "as a former nurse -- I know that our health begins with each of us." So why is she promoting calloric overload in the form of Oreo Layer Cake?

This is from the Lt. Gov's challenge web site
The Lieutenant Governors' Challenge is a 12-week reward based program. Participants may choose to work toward heart health through fitness choices, health choices, or both.

Great, we should all try to live healthy lives and if you set out on a public challenge like this, you should stick to it, not help Iowans deviate from their wellness plan by promoting unhealthy sweets. We all love a good cookie, but is this event really appropriate for the promotion of health and well-being? We say, NO.