Thursday, April 23, 2009

Down Time

There is a lot of down time today. Most everyone in the Senate has been at the Capitol for roughly 11 hours and seen only 2 minutes of actual bill work take place. The bills that will hopefully be dispensed with very soon are the Health and Human Services budget bill, a health care bill coming back from the House and a bill regarding flood insurance.

Earlier this week Democrats passed a bill appropriating money to 13 state agencies. Amendments were tacked onto the bill that gave the OK for the state to purchase brand new vehicles – even though perfectly good newer vehicles are sitting, gathering dust in parking lots. These new vehicles will have all sorts of upgrades thanks to this amendment. Some of those upgrades include leather seats, satellite radio, GPS, running boards, truck toppers and new floor mats. Pretty nice considering the state is so cash strapped lately. It’s nice to see that tax dollars are being put to good use.............

On a positive note, the new Adam Walsh bill just passed in the Senate tonight. The bill is tougher than the old sex offender law and provides for a 2000 plus foot rule. This was a truly bipartisan bill that will help protect Iowa children. The bill is now on to the House.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Long Haul Part 2

It is safe to say that everyone at the Capitol is getting a little stir crazy. Legislators would be the first to admit that. The weather is nice, the steady stream of bills has become a trickle and after being cooped up in the Capitol with the same people all winter, tempers flare. That is still no excuse to not take care of the important business of Iowa.

Democrats don't seem to care as they have dug their heels into the ground and closed the lines of communication. Today Democrats in the House and Senate admitted that they are not communicating with the Governor on the most important issue in Iowa - the budget. Until that happens, everyone else is left wondering why egos can't be put in check to get to work. Pouting like high schoolers is sooooo last year..........

Monday, April 20, 2009

In it for the Long Haul

And that long haul could last longer than originally anticipated. It will all depend on how the Democrats decide to work together on the whole bonding thing. Will it be the Governor's $750 million I-JOBS version or the Senate's $125 million version? It's all up in the air right now and Republicans are just waiting for the dust to settle.

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