Friday, July 24, 2009

Debt and Jobs

The governor announced yesterday that the state would be receiving $100 million to repair roads and bridges. Iowa is getting this money thanks to the bonds that the state is selling. Remember: We've got a triple 'A' rating so lets sell 'em! This isn't free-and-clear money. It's debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back and I'm sure they won't be too happy about it once the are old enough to understand why their taxes are so high.

This money will be put towards the state's I-JOBS projects aimed at putting Iowans to work, but today, some people are questioning if that program will really help the state. One economist went so far as suggesting a better economic stimuls would be to lower taxes for businesses. We really like that idea and have some more like it but Democrats don't seem to want to listen. Guess they're enjoying spending your tax dollars and incurring debt too much to think about anything else.

There is still no clear answer as to how many jobs will be created from the I-JOBS program and whether those jobs will be quality jobs or temporary, minimum wage jobs. We're just hoping that those pesky pot holes will get filled before the snow falls.