Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Who Knew What Mystery

Culver said he found out about the initial findings Sept. 15, while traveling in eastern Iowa with Tramontina.
“Culver pledges to work with film companies to sort out tax credits”
- Thomas Beaumont Des Moines Register 9/21/09

When information was first brought to my attention last week about Iowa’s film tax credit program, I was troubled.
“An outraged Culver: Iowans will not be taken for suckers”
- Jason Clayworth Des Moines Register 9/22/09

Tramontina submitted a request for proposals Aug. 10 to find an accounting firm to review operations and expenditures of the Iowa Film Office, which is part of economic development department.

He hired the Clifton Gunderson firm of West Des Moines on Aug. 19.
“Film tax errors seen as early as July”
- Lee Rood Des Moines Register 9/23/09

On Tuesday, Governor Chet Culver in Cedar Rapids said at least three times he learned of the tax credit fiasco either "last Tuesday" or "last week". When I asked him to clarify later on during his news conference, he said he had heard about possible problems before then and that's why he said he directed his legal counsel to push for the audit/review/investigation (whatever the proper term would be here) that now-former Iowa Dept of Economic Director Mike Tramontina discussed in a memo last Wednesday.
“Iowa Lawmaker Says Legislators Knew of Film Issues Early Summer”
- Dave Price “Price of Politics” 9/24/09

SEPT. 15: Gov. Chet Culver first hears of problems with the film tax credit, he says. He asks Tramontina for a summary by the end of the next day.
“Miller: Official's assertion on film credits 'mistaken'”
- Lee Rood Des Moines Register 9/25/09

Phil Roeder, spokesman for Culver, said Tramontina raised concerns about the purchase of the automobiles in August, but nobody brought up the depth of the program’s problems until September.
“Lawmaker said he had concerns about film tax credit program months ago”
- Charlotte Eby Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 10/6/09

"It is critical that the Department of Economic Development immediately prevent additional spending for this program," Sen. Bill Dotzler, D-Waterloo, wrote to Mike Tramontina, the department's director, on Aug. 6. Dotzler send copies of his letter to the governor's office, state auditor and attorney general.
“Records show Culver's office was notified about film office trouble in August”
- Lee Rood Des Moines Register 11/7/2009

The question the Governor now needs to answer is what did he know and when did he know it? Governor Culver clearly stated that he did not learn of the problems at the Iowa Film Office until September 15th from former IDED Director Mike Tramontina. Yet both his spokesperson and the Governor himself stated that they knew of the irregularities in August. In fact the Governor went on to claim that he pushed for the audit put out for an RFP by Tramontina on the 10th of August. So Governor what did you know and when did you know it?

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