Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When is a pay freeze not a pay freeze?

Only in state government can a freeze on salaries mean a 4.5% increase in pay. In February, of this year, the Governor agreed to give a $120 million pay increase to state employees. But wait, the headlines were screaming that a pay freeze was going into effect for the upcoming fiscal year.

While private employers and employees in Iowa are struggling to keep their doors open the Governor and legislative Democrats continue to spend and spend and spend.

Following the announcement the Governor’s team and his big labor buddies were crowing that this was a contract both sides could be proud of. It was also stated that this new contract reflected the current economic realities facing the nation. Well that $120 million dollar pay increase would go a long way to solving the nearly $1 billion budget gap the Governor and legislative Democrats have created by their reckless spending.

Well it turns out that in state government a freeze means a pay increase.

(The dirty details are below)

Union or Classification - Pay Increase
AFSCME - Central and Community Based Corrections (CBCs) - $39,789,422
Iowa United Professionals (IUP) - Social Services and Science - $8,877,590
State Police Officer's Council (SPOC) - $2,702,246
Judicial Public, Professional, and Maintenance Employees (PPME) - $229,660
Judicial AFSCME - $1,811,551
Judicial Exempt - $2,402,719
Non-Contract - $13,820,381
Board of Regents - $51,167,428

Total = $120,800,997

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