Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Retirees and Your Community

Yesterday, Senate File 291 passed and is on it’s way to the House. The bill calls for the Department of Elder Affairs to create a "certified retirement community" program that would encourage retirees to make their home in Iowa. The program is also supposed to aid in rural economic development. There are no costs associated with the bill unless a community pays for the certification.

Yesterday this was our quote of the day and it is worth repeating: “If a community can attract a retired person, that is the equivalent of attracting three-and-a-half manufacturing jobs to that community.” Senator Daryl Beall, D-Fort Dodge. Since when do retired citizens equate to any manufacturing jobs? Retirees don’t work – that’s what retirement is!

The buzz lately has been creating an environment conducive to job creation in any Iowa community. Sounds great, everyone wants to work right about now and wants thriving businesses in their communities. With the Iowa House talking about debating Dr. Shopping, Prevailing Wage and repealing Right to Work, maybe we should focus on those bills and making sure they die since they’ll all squelch that job creation environment.

We’ve been hearing some strong opinions from our loyal cyber fans about this bill and how ridiculous it is. To be fair, the bill passed unanimously, but it is a Democrat-sponsored bill that, in the Democrat-controlled Iowa Senate, is viewed as economic development. This is a real stretch and nowhere in the bill does it say anything about getting people to work by creating an atmosphere that would encourage job growth. But hey, if your city hall needs another piece of paper to put on the wall they can get it.

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